divorce lawyer

If you are considering divorce, you need a good family lawyer to guide you through the process.  Divorces are stressful and emotional… read more

Child Custody

child custody

Nothing is more important than the relationship between a parent and their child.  When the family unit is not intact many questions can arise… read more

Grandparents’ Rights

grandparents rights ellis county

Grandparents are often the bedrock of the family unit and can be a stabilizing force in turbulent times.  If you are a grandparent… read more

Adoption / Termination

adoption midlothian, tx

Are you a step-parent or other family member considering adoption?  Few things are as rewarding as choosing to bring a new member… read more

Child Support

child support texas

In Texas, child support is statutorily required.  Child support payments are made by the non-custodial parent to ensure that the reasonable… read more

Property Division

property division texas

In a divorce case, the court will divide community property in accordance with the agreement of the parties, or if there is no agreement, in a manner the court deems fair and equitable. The court will not divide separate property…read more